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Started in 2011, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Do you think a person living on disability or a making minimum wage can keep up with the rising cost of living in America?  This increase is impacting the lives of low-income individuals and families. In July, 2011, Sara Money was challenged to teach low-income people how to manage their money.

Her first attempt was to use money management concepts from proven financial literacy programs for middle-income people.  She quickly discovered that low-income people are not familiar with words like vacations, dry cleaning, and life insurance.  Those words seemed like a foreign language to them.  Low-income people use acronyms like TANF, SNAP, and SSI which may be foreign to middle-income people. In addition to finding a new language, she discovered a new culture.  It was interesting and exciting to learn cultural differences and discover a different world within the Albuquerque community.

“I quickly discovered that low-income people did not understand the word debt.  I would ask low-income people if they owed debt and they would say “no.”  If I asked them if they owed money to a payday loan, pawn shop, a friend or family member, they would often say “yes.”  The Money & ME Program addresses the cultural and language difference.   Sara

Now over 1000 participants, 100+ trainers, and online training, this program is available for anyone in the United States.  The model is to help ANY organization who would like to help low-income people manage their money an opportunity to do so.


“I invite you to become part of the Money & ME Program. You may become a trainer, a coach, or a participant.  The important thing to remember is for Money & ME to be successful everyone must be willing to change their own habits and ways of thinking. You were created by God, and He has a special purpose for you. I pray that you will walk with Him through this process to start a journey of making better choices that will impact your life for years to come.”  Sara Money

For more information:      sara@moneyandme.cash     (888) 628-2386